What are the affirmations and their importance?

An affirmation is simply a statement you use in your daily life. The mode can be writing, speaking, or even thinking because it taps into your conscious and unconscious mind. That’s why it is necessary to add positive things to your daily life and keep it as practical as possible. 

There are specific statements to affirm, and there is a misconception that only those statements can act as an affirmation. The fact is that every comment, email, and every single thing you say out loud is an affirmation. Our minds and the universe don’t know the difference. 

You don’t need to keep repeating the specific affirmation statements because you are not a robot; you only need to look at every situation positively. 

How does it work? 

Affirmations are like workouts; on the first day, you will not see any changes, but when you start repeating them daily, the changes you will feel are exceptionally magical. You start believing and acting differently in your life. And that’s how affirmation works. 

Start practicing it. Add this new routine to your schedule, and you will thank me later. 

Example: -If you compliment others for their work and nature, you will feel good about yourself, and things will change around you.  

Why should we affirm? 

When we start practicing affirmations, our attitude towards everything changes. We feel good about ourselves, and a positive attitude thrives in our nature. 

It is an exponent of the “law of attraction”. Raising the positive vibration brings positive things into our lives, like financial abundance, health, happiness, love, etc. 

It helps us to create the practical reality we want and reprograms our subconscious mind to believe in specific things. 

I have also uploaded a detailed video on affirmation and affirmation statements, in case you want to listen to them. Do check out the link mentioned below. 

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