Six Truths of My Life That Made Me Strong

Many years ago, I read somewhere that life is not easy. Despite this, I believed that with the right choices, we could make life easy and simpler.

In our quest for comfort, we often make incremental improvements that seem to ease our burdens. As a child, I walked to school. Later, to make commuting easier, my family bought me a bicycle. After that, as I kept moving in life, in order to seek more comfort, I got a two-wheeler, and eventually a car. To achieve maximum comfort, I even acquired a luxury car.

Like this most of us spent our lives collecting things to simplify life. Ironically, we now find ourselves at the gym cycling or walking in parks to stay fit, monitoring our steps to maintain health. Life, it seems, is a cycle—starting from simplicity, moving to complexity, and then returning to simplicity.

So, today I, Dr Neeti Kaushik want to share Six Truths from my life that have profoundly shaped my understanding and growth.

Lifelong Learning: The Endless Journey of Growth

One of the most profound lessons I’ve embraced is the importance of lifelong learning. In this vast world, there’s an endless ocean of knowledge, much of which we have yet to discover. The moment you believe you’ve mastered everything is the moment your growth stagnates.

As a former School teacher, I once thought I had a firm grasp of my subject. Transitioning to the role of a school administrator, I delved into the intricacies of running an educational institution, confident that I had conquered new heights of understanding. Yet, it wasn’t until my spiritual journey began that I realized how infinitesimal my knowledge truly was—less than 0.001% of what there is to learn.

Every day brings new opportunities for growth. By embracing something new each day, we not only expand our inner self but also enrich our outer world. This relentless pursuit of knowledge transforms us into a better version of ourself, leading to greater happiness and contentment.

Uncertainty of Tomorrow

In the early stages my careers, I often find myself working tirelessly, envisioning a future where my hard work and savings pave the way for a perfect life. The belief was simple: if I earn and save smartly, my life will be extraordinary. This drives me to work day and night with the hope of achieving my dream life.

However, in my pursuit of a prosperous future, I overlooked a harsh reality—tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’ve witnessed this through the story of my aunt. Throughout her life, she diligently saved everything for later: beautiful sarees for special occasions and fancy crockery for important guests. Sadly, she never got to enjoy them herself.

Her story taught me an important lesson: while striving for comfort and luxury, it’s crucial to also embrace the present moment.

Life’s uncertainties should not deter me from enjoying the fruits of my labour today. After all, this is why I worked diligently—to create a life where I can cherish and indulge in the things that bring me joy.

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Real Success Is Adding Value to Others’ Lives

Real success transcends personal achievements; it’s about the profound impact we make on others.

When I started “NITTY GRITTY WITH DR NEETI KAUSHIK,” my vision was clear: to reach and transform millions of lives. For me, success isn’t just about what I accumulate—it’s about how I enrich the lives of those around me.

Imagine a life where our greatest achievement is not only material wealth, but the positive influence we have on others.

So, when I dedicated myself to adding value to people’s lives, something magical happens—I found a deeper contentment that goes beyond material possessions.

So, as we pursue our ambitions and dreams, consider how we can uplift and empower others along the way. That’s where the essence of true success lies—where our achievements become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those around you.

This journey has taught me that this kind of success not only brings comfort but also a profound sense of happiness and fulfilment.

Gratitude Over Comparison

In life, it’s so easy to look around and see others who seem to have more—more beauty, more wealth, seemingly perfect families. Earlier, these things make me feel inadequate.

But instead of comparing myself to others, I’ve learned that practicing gratitude can completely shift my perspective. For me gratitude isn’t just about saying thanks; it’s about genuinely appreciating what I have—even the smallest things—because I know someone out there wishes they had what I do.

Gratitude helps me focus on my blessings—like the love of my family, having a warm home, enjoying meals together, and having a healthy body that allows me to do the things I love.

By embracing gratitude, I’ve shifted from feeling like I’m lacking to feeling content with what I have.  I cherish the love and support I receive from my family and friends and from my dear community—it’s truly priceless to me. These things remind me that what I already have is more than enough for a fulfilling life.

Acceptance of Not Being Liked by Everyone

In life, I’ve come to understand that not everyone will like me, and that’s perfectly fine. Think of it this way: when I attend a wedding, a party, or even a buffet, there are numerous dishes spread out, but I don’t feel inclined to try each and every one.

Similarly, within my own family, I enjoy bitter gourd (karela), while my husband and son pass it up without a second glance. This simple analogy illustrates that everyone has different tastes and preferences, and that’s completely normal.

I’ve learned not to let the opinions of others diminish my self-worth. Embracing my uniqueness and recognizing that it’s perfectly okay if not everyone admires or appreciates me is liberating. Just as I have my own preferences and tastes, so do others.

Instead of seeking universal approval, I focus on being true to myself and cultivating meaningful connections with those who genuinely value and respect me. Accepting that not everyone will be fond of me frees me from unnecessary pressure and allows me to prioritize authenticity and self-acceptance.

Wearing Kunzite crystal fills me with a sense of self-love and self-worth, making me resistant to others’ opinions, which now no longer hurt me.

Self-Happiness: Finding Joy Within

One of my life’s most profound lessons is that true happiness originates from within. This realization has deeply shaped my perspective.  I have realised that seeking love and happiness solely from external sources often leads to disappointment. The key lies in discovering and nurturing the love within myself.

I understood that I hold the power to cultivate my own happiness. And when I learned to love myself and derived fulfilment from my own company, I unlocked a source of joy that was enduring and unconditional. This self-love was not just a fleeting emotion—it formed the foundation for a resilient and contented life.

So, as I journey through life, I remember that I am the architect of my happiness. By embracing the lessons of self-love and inner fulfilment, I have discovered a reservoir of strength and happiness that enriches every aspect of my existence.

To feel the magic of self-love, you can join my Self-Love Course.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these profound insights with me. Each of these truths has shaped my perspective and enriched my journey through life. These lessons have not only strengthened me but have also instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude and acceptance.

I encourage you to reflect on these truths and apply them in your own life’s journey. Embrace your uniqueness, cultivate joy from within, and navigate challenges with resilience and optimism. May you find strength and happiness as you continue on your path. Thank you for reading and may you find fulfilment in every step of your unique journey. For More Information Visit My YouTube Channel: “Nitty Gritty With Dr Neeti Kaushik


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