From Roles to Recognition: A Journey of My Own Identity, A Golden Play Button, and the Love of Millions

Greetings, wonderful community! Today, I’m excited to share the incredible journey that led me to achieve 1 million subscribers on my YouTube channel. I am Dr Neeti Kaushik, a Doctorate in Education with over 35 years of experience in teaching, school administration, curriculum planning, and teacher training and this is the story of my transition from the school corridors to the vast world of YouTube. 

The Spark of Inspiration: 

In August 2020, the seed of starting a YouTube channel was planted during a personal consultation with Suman Sunshine. Little did I know that this casual conversation would spark a new chapter in my life. Suman encouraged me to share my insights on a broader platform, recognizing the authenticity and joy she experienced while listening to me. 

The Genesis of My Channel: 

The second important person in this journey was Madhu Tyagi Mam, a Hindi teacher. It was at her home where she created my YouTube channel using my Gmail, and this was on November 21, 2020, also my birthday when I started my YouTube channel. Armed with basic equipment, including my trusty mobile camera, I embarked on this new adventure. 

Figure 2: My Modest Room to Where It All Began
Figure 3: From Garage to Workspace: Transforming My Second Office

Balancing Act: 

Managing a full-time role as a teacher and principal from 7 am to 5 pm, and then dedicating my evenings from 7 pm to 11:30 pm to YouTube, presented its challenges. Yet, fuelled by a passion to make a difference, I conducted teacher workshops, shared student videos, and even conducted interviews with educators during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Viral Breakthrough: 

For a year, I tirelessly wrote scripts, created videos, and shared content on various topics. Then, unexpectedly, a video I posted in February, ‘Do you wake up between 3 AM to 5 AM,’ went viral in November. The sudden influx of comments and views, over 25k in a week and eventually reaching over 1 lakh views, left me astonished. It was my authenticity and genuine intent that resonated with the audience. 

Pivoting Towards Astrology, Numerology and Manifestation: 

Observing a trend of negativity in astrology and numerology content on YouTube, where information was more about creating fear than guiding people through the power of numbers and planets, I felt the need for a positive change. Turning my hobby into a powerful tool, acquired during my early teaching days, I decided to use my knowledge in astrology, numerology and manifestation to positively impact lives. 

Stepping Into the Unknown: 

My journey wasn’t just about accumulating views; it was a personal quest for identity. Balancing roles as a mother, wife, and educator, I realized the importance of having my own identity. The decision to resign from a 35-year-long educational career on August 1, 2022, was not easy. However, it marked the beginning of a new chapter dedicated to my own passions. 

Figure 4: Embracing Full-Time Creator Mode: A Glimpse into My Dedicated Office

From Solo to Team: 

Starting from the confines of my home, slowly building a team of two, then four, to now having a dedicated team of eight in a personal office, the journey has been transformative. The support received from the audience has been overwhelming, culminating in the proud moment of receiving the coveted Golden Play Button. 

Figure 5: Capturing the Transformative Moments in My Journey from Solo to Building a Lovely Team
Figure 6: Capturing the Transformative Moments in My Journey from Solo to Building a Lovely Team

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you. If I can achieve this at 50, remember, age is just a number, and it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and here’s to the next million!    

  Figure 7,8: Embracing Gratitude: Let’s Forge Ahead and Achieve New Milestones Together


  1. Jalpa Makadia

    Hi Madam,
    I have been following you for a long time but i hardly put down comments. I love your work because of your honesty and purity of content. I think you really gave a new dimension to think about astrology which before i would not believe in much. But your videos truly has changed my perspective. I feel your positivity connection directly and thats why i watch your videos. I actually reside in Africa,malawi.

  2. Trisha Sarkar

    You are such a person with full of positive Vibes ❤️..

    1. Neeti Kaushik


  3. Pallavi Mishra

    I am so touched and overwhelmed reading your journey ma’am, You’re such a lovely and down to earth person reaching heights with your hard work and knowledge.. blessed to be in your community ❤️ Gratitude for everything that you do for us

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thanks a lot🙏

  4. Barnali Das

    thank you ma’am … really motivating all of us ….God bless you always🙏

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Many thanks

  5. Praveen Kumari

    Honorable ,adorable Neeti Ma’am❤️
    Good evening dear Ma’am ❤️🙏
    I am Praveen from Himachal Pradesh but currently living in Barmer. Thank you so much ma’am for coming in my life as my guiding angel 😇 💗. Maam I am your regular viewer since 2021. I am fortunate to get my dream job in July 2022 after manifesting 369 technic as suggested by you ma’am. THANK YOU SO MUCH 💓 💗
    YESTERDAY on 25th February, 2024 I wore my first amethyst bracelet. It is a birthday gift of universe ✨️ (birthday on
    18th February). Thank you so much ma’am and your team ❤️. Keep showering your blessings and love maam. May God bless you with all the wonderful things ,abundance ,success, healthier life .Gratitude Ma’am 💗❤️✨️💓😇🙏
    Praveen Kumari💖

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      wow,I am so happy for you Praveen.God bless you. Keep shining.

  6. Rachna Agarwal

    Thank you Neeti Maam ur such an inspiration to so many women out here who aren’t working n just looking after their house but with ur talks u fill in motivation within us to do something which we wanna do in life (but I would like to say I receive a lot of spiritual feeling but CNt figure out what it is have tried a lot of times with ur video to understand the no’s I see like 111 555 222 but still CNt figure out)pl help me how to understand what signals I am getting….n why ….congratulations on ur 1 million we pray it soon become uncountable u actually deserve it..lots of love rachna

  7. Manika goel

    Mam – you r an inspiration! Stay blessed and wishing you endless smiles always 😇😇🤗🤗 I m 40 years old on a journey to work on my purpose of changing lives of people 😇 need ur blessings for the same ! Really inspired by your story ❤️❤️thanks so much for sharing and making me believe- age is just a number 😇😇 luv you Mam and trust me your smile says it all 😊😊

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Hi Manika, thank you so much. Sending you lots of love and blessings❤️

  8. Smita Goel

    Absolutely amazing interesting logical approach to appeal a layman’s mind to make a solid change for mindfulness. Hats off to you mam & your team 🫡

    Your intentions are so pure and selflessly you are making a difference in people’s life 🙏🙏 My Gratitude ❤️🌹

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you so much 🙏

    2. Neeti Kaushik

      thank you so much


    You are amazing and I am grateful to mother universe for directing me towards you through your videos. Thank you Guru maa❤️🌻
    May God bless you in abundance 🪔

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      I am so humbled. Gratitude🙏

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you

  10. Purnima Nand

    Thank you for inspirations and so much faith in life

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      You are very welcome

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