My Coping Mechanisms for Managing Sadness, Stress, and Anxiety

Hello dear community, I hope you’re doing well! Today, I, Dr Neeti Kaushik want to talk about something that many of you have asked me about: how I keep a positive mindset and how I handle moments of sadness, depression, and anxiety.

Like all of us, I face these emotions too. But over time, I’ve discovered some tricks that really help me get through the tough times. So, I’m excited to share with you my personal journey and the Seven Methods I rely on to find peace and comfort when things get tough. I believe these strategies can make a real difference in your life too!

1. Embracing Emotional Release  

When the waves of sorrow reach me, I do not shy away from tears. Instead, I embrace them as a means of release. I allow myself to weep until my heart feels lighter, and the burden on my soul begins to lift. However, I must clarify that this isn’t an everyday occurrence or a reaction to the same issue. After the tears have subsided, I engage in introspection. I remind myself that it’s okay not to control everything and focus on aspects within my sphere of influence and then I meditate with my Aquamarine Bracelet for 10 -15 minutes.

I recall a time after my marriage when I faced numerous challenges, typical for anyone adjusting to a new environment. The pressure to adapt and meet others’ expectations caused significant stress, leading me to cry frequently.

It was during this time that my uncle shared some wise words with me. He said, “Neeti beta, crying is good, but make sure you understand its importance. If you cry too often, your family might think it’s just a daily occurrence and stop paying attention to your tears. But if you cry once in a while, it will make everyone attentive and eager to support you.” Since that day, when I feel overwhelmed, I allow myself to cry, using it as a reminder that the situation doesn’t deserve any more of my tears.

2. Deep Breathing and Hydration                                         

When I feel anxious or stressed, I pause whatever I’m doing and focus on taking slow, deep breaths. I find a quiet space where I can sit comfortably, close my eyes, and concentrate on the rhythm of my breathing. With each inhale and exhale, I consciously release tension from my body, allowing a sense of calm to wash over me.

Deep breathing not only helps to oxygenate my brain but also activates the body’s relaxation response, reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting overall well-being.  

Additionally, I reach for a glass of water and drink it slowly, sip by sip. Water, the essential H2O, not only hydrates my body but also provides an influx of oxygen to my brain. As the water content increases in my body, I feel more rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to face whatever challenges come my way.

3. Disconnecting and Taking a Walk

Another effective strategy is by stepping outside and taking a walk. Whether it’s a stroll through the park or a leisurely walk along the roadside, being in nature instantly calms my mind and soothes my soul.

As I walk, I breathe in the fresh air and soak in the beauty of my surroundings. The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the warmth of the sun all work together to ease my stress and help me feel grounded.

Taking a walk isn’t just about getting some exercise—it’s about reconnecting with the natural world and finding peace in its simplicity. It’s my go-to strategy for clearing my mind, gaining perspective, and finding a sense of calm amidst the chaos of life.

4. Gazing at the Clouds

One of my favourite ways to relax is by simply gazing at the clouds in the open sky. I find a quiet spot, whether it’s on my rooftop or in a nearby park, and I take a moment to sit and watch the clouds drift by. The sheer openness of the sky has a soothing effect on my mind and soul, helping me to feel light and at ease.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that spending too much time cooped up indoors can leave us feeling tired and emotionally drained. When we’re alone with our thoughts, it’s easy to get caught up in overthinking and dwelling on past memories. But when we step outside and look up at the vast open sky, something shifts in our minds. The endless expanse above us seems to quiet the noise in our heads and brings a sense of peace and relaxation.

5. Engaging the Mind: Diversions and Distractions

When I’m feeling restless and unable to leave my current surroundings, I have a simple trick to calm my mind: I reach for my phone or a newspaper and start solving a mind puzzle or reading about a new topic. It’s like giving myself a mental playground to escape to when I can’t physically leave.

Just like how we give a toy to a crying child to distract them, solving a puzzle helps me divert my attention from whatever thoughts are causing me stress or restlessness. It’s a quick and effective way to shift my focus and find some mental relief.

6. Reconnecting with Childhood Joy

One of my go-to stress relievers is making paper planes and watching them fly. It’s a simple yet effective way to take a break from the busyness of life and find some peace.

I’ve loved making paper planes since I was a child, and it’s a hobby that still brings me joy today. There’s something incredibly satisfying about folding a piece of paper and seeing it take flight. Plus, watching where the planes go adds an element of excitement and wonder.

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, give it a try! All you need is a piece of paper and a few minutes to fold. It’s a quick and easy way to lift your mood and find some much-needed relaxation.

7. Cultivating Calm Through Order:

Finally, I acknowledge the profound impact of my environment on my emotional well-being. By decluttering and organizing my surroundings, I create a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos of life. Discarding items that no longer serve a purpose frees me from the weight of unnecessary baggage, allowing me to breathe more deeply and live more fully.

Dear readers, I urge you to embrace these simple yet profound coping mechanisms when you find yourself facing the stormy seas of sadness or anxiety. While seeking support from others is important and valid, there’s immense power in learning to navigate our emotional turbulence independently. By embracing the practices of emotional release, mindfulness, and reconnecting with the simplicity of joy, we empower ourselves to weather life’s storms with resilience and grace.

Remember, it’s not about avoiding difficult emotions altogether, but rather about learning to navigate them with compassion and self-awareness. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, I encourage you to turn inward and draw upon the strength that lies within you.

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  1. Nirupama More

    Awesome as always Neeti mam. Your tried and tested means are elixir to our chaotic clustered life where we keep playing the victim game. You give us the strength and handholding that we are not alone.

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you so much

  2. Sharanya

    Hi Neeti mam,

    I’m Sharan here. I really love your YouTube videos and reels. I’m going through a tough time in life right now. Watching your videos give me immense motivation and strength to cope up with these times. Thank you for being the best guide/teacher for all of us. Thank you! 🙏😊


    1. Neeti Kaushik

      I am greatly humbled. God bless you

  3. Monica Vaswani

    Dear Neeti Mam, you are such a wonderful pure soul inspiring millions of people worldwide (including myself) Thank you MamI feel soo blessed to know you & to connect with you. I love all your posts & Videos. I live in Saint Lucia Caribbean Islands,West Indies. At present I am going through a tough time & I know this too shall pass. Love & blessings to you always

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      sending you lots of blessings dear, God bless you

  4. Madhu Otwani

    So nice dii so inspiring ❤️

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you

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    Totally not agree with your mom presentation sorry me from Singapore 🙏♥️ you can what’s app me if anything+6590160474 raviji

  6. Neelam Punjabi

    Hi mam iam also sailing in the same boat like u since iam married…now iam a senior citizen still facing problem iam already 69yrs now iam losing my patience but after reading your advices I feel comfortable and have changed myself a lot…hoping the same further…I just want peace of my mind i expect nothing else…just keep myself occupied with what iam comfortable at…thanks dear for everything and moral support..God bless u and give u all that u deserve…

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      sending you lots of love and blessings

  7. Yogesh SP

    Very good guide lines to keep the mind happy

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you

    2. Neeti Kaushik

      Many thanks

  8. Bindhu Nair

    That seems really good, on a stressful day full of anxiety, which everyone is facing these days, mainly because things doesn’t work as per Us.
    Thank you Mam for these remedies

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      You are most welcome

    2. Neeti Kaushik

      my pleasure

  9. Jayanti Datta

    I cannot believe this but I too love clouds . It’s true when I say this so much of resonates with me . LOVE ❤ Jayanti

    1. Neeti Kaushik

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  10. Darshana Dharmesh Mistry

    Thanks Ma’am…it’s always being wonderful experience… Watching… listening & Today reading… Your amazing share…Stay Blessed 🙏💐

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  11. Kanta

    Loved this article. I have been adopting method 3, 4 and 5. Basically connecting with Nature and the Universe at large. Must try out paper planes & the other ways too !! A BIG thank you for sharing yr personal experiences to help us, your ardent fans, lead happier lives. Keep sharing ..Stay Blessed 🙏💓

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      glad you liked it

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