-By Gauri Sharma . Student of Grade 6

Mount Olympus School

Malibu Town


An empty mind is a Devil’s workshop.

Keeping oneself busy is extremely important in this time and era. As quoted above, an empty mind really is a Devil’s workshop and it wanders around due to which we end up being more stressed, troubled and depressed than we were earlier. What can we do to escape or entirely skip this boredom?

Hobby is something one does for self-peace and to stay happy. People indulge in hobbies as they allow them to destress and promote better health by helping them remain mentally productive. Due to all these amazing benefits of having a hobby, it won’t be wrong to consider it as a stress buster. Anyone can have hobbies, some people have one while others may have many. Hobbies are a great way to pass spare time and can be done by all- whether it is a child or adult, junior or a senior.

I think of myself as an artist as my favorite way to pass time is through drawing, painting, and sketching. All the paintings enclosed in this blog are drawn and painted by me. I discovered this hobby quite long ago- when I was just four years of age. I went to classes just to see if I liked art and found myself taking out more and more time for this. Be it sketching, painting (oil, acrylic, poster, water) or shading, I love and know how to do them all. Whenever I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I take out my sketchbook and start drawing. I love to draw and paint as I am able to express my feelings through them and therefore, it’s my go-to hobby and I feel extremely relaxed whenever I’m doing the same.

Whenever I draw something, I tend to keep a constant check on what I’m drawing. The errors I find encourage me to keep on trying and at last, when the full picture is ready, it’s the best feeling ever! Why I’m including this point is that whatever is your hobby, you need to see the good in the same. ‘Keep on trying and you’ll find perfection’ is what I have learnt from this hobby of mine.

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