Power of Visualization: My Journey with Vision Boards

Hello, dear community,

Today, I, Dr. Neeti Kaushik, want to share a transformative chapter of my life—a journey that made me more focused, enhanced my ability to visualize my desires, and ultimately helped me achieve my goals. It’s all about the incredible power of visualization through the use of Vision Boards.

Here are some of the vision boards I’ve crafted during this transformative journey:

The Humble Beginnings (2012-2015): Small Affirmations and Vague Goals

In 2012, my venture into the world of Vision Boards commenced with small affirmations that I would write and paste, offering a glimpse into the power of visualization. With limited knowledge, mainly gathered from readings like “The Secret” and its volumes, I witnessed some positive outcomes. However, from 2015 to 2018, my vision boards lacked structure, specific colours, or defined statements. My goals were materialistic, and while I achieved significant milestones like buying property and a luxury car, spirituality remained unexplored.

A Shift Towards Purposeful Visioning (2019): Embracing Structure and

In 2019, a turning point occurred as I dedicated more effort to create a purposeful vision board. Embracing a grid structure, specific colours, and well-defined affirmations, I visualized career growth, school achievements, financial success, and more. Remarkably, 70-80% of my manifestations materialized, marking a significant improvement in the effectiveness of my vision boards.

Deepening Knowledge and Expanding Techniques (2019-2021): Manifestation Maps and Goal Cards

As my understanding of vision boards deepened, I incorporated advanced techniques like manifestation maps, goal cards, and sigils. Extending the practice to both my office and home, the results became even more profound, setting the stage for further exploration and growth.

Empowering Others (2022): Hosting an Online Vision Board Workshop

In 2022, I took a leap by organizing my first online vision board workshop with around 50 participants. Witnessing the positive impact on others’ lives was incredibly fulfilling, motivating me to delve deeper into the potential of visualization techniques.

A Year of Remarkable Manifestations (2022-2023): Golden Play Button and Business Ventures

By 2023, my journey reached new heights as I manifested a golden play button for my YouTube channel- “Nitty Gritty With Dr. Neeti Kaushik”, earnings in five foreign currencies, and the launch of my crystal business which is Dr. Neeti Kaushik Shop. Achieving 95-97% of my set goals, this period showcased the incredible potential of intentional visualization.

Sharing the Knowledge (December 2023): Launching a Vision Board Course

In December 2023, I launched my second vision board course, attracting 236 participants and counting. Daily messages pouring in attest to the positive impact on lives, reinforcing my belief in the transformative power of visualization.

Gratitude and Reflection

As I reflect on this incredible journey, gratitude fills my heart. While delays occurred, such as the two-month postponement of the golden play button, I recognize that personal energy, fears, and insecurities played a role. Today, with a thriving vision board community, I am grateful for the opportunity to empower and inspire others on their unique paths.

In closing, my vision board journey has evolved from vague goals to purposeful manifestations, and I am excited to continue exploring the boundless potential of visualization in the years to come.

May your vision boards be a canvas of dreams, and may you manifest the extraordinary in your life.

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  1. Vijeta Jena

    I have joined the Vision board course 2 months back in December 2023 and made it by 31st Dec 2023. I am following everything that Ma’am has said about it like reading eveyday before sleep and in the morning and many points that Ma’am had suggested during the Zoom meeting.. Since Jan 2024 I am going one step ahead in each area and can see the beauty of progress in my life and my family’s life. It’s so fulfilling to see my manifestations steadily becoming a reality where I was badly stuck since years. Now I am receiving divine guidance and Ma’am has created the access. My deepest Gratitude to Neeti Ma’am 🙏. God bless you and your family Ma’am.

  2. Debarati Misra

    Mam thank you to learn how to live a life and everything is possible….so I choose a dream life with my VOLA….I am ovar coming my best version ….please bless my all far babies and hold my hands to achieve my goals…lots of love 😘

  3. Veena Mahamuni

    I am interested in doing the vision board Mam.

  4. Manthena Lakshmi

    It’s good to see….

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