6 Recipe for Success in Manifesting

Often it so happens that we observe the actions of people around us and can deduce the reasons for their success, yet we fail to make use of such information when it comes to our benefit. Today, let us go through the foolproof recipe for success in manifesting and identify the missing pieces that could impede our journey of manifesting our heartfelt desires.


The first and foremost step of manifesting begins with a focus on specific goals rather than random vague goals. This effectively means that when we are asking the Universe for support in achieving a particular goal, we need to give as much detail about the goal as possible because that is how the Universe will be able to help us fulfil our desire. For example, if you ask for a car, it is best to visualize the colour, company, model and other finer details so that the Universe delivers exactly what you want. Now if you have been aiming for a Toyota Innova and just ask the Universe for a car, you may end up receiving a smaller car which does not solve your purpose, especially if you have a big family and were thinking of travelling together. This principle applies to the job you desire, the kind of life partner you want to manifest, your dream vacation and many such like desires you may wish to manifest.


Remember, manifesting is not a magic formula which will produce wealth, abundance or even materialistic things out of thin air. Once we have a clear objective or goal in mind and have communicated it to the Universe, we then need to back up our manifestation technique with appropriate action to see visible results. For example, even if we are working towards manifesting winning a lottery, we have to ensure that we purchase a lottery ticket first.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks which people encounter when trying to manifest their desire is their lack of belief in the process. To ensure success in the process of manifesting, one has to have an unflinching belief in the fact that once he starts the process of manifesting, the Universe will grant his wish and he will soon see the physical manifestation of his desires. For example, when a small child prays for rain, he picks an umbrella when he goes out. This is called BELIEF. The 100% trust which we put into the process of manifesting and the belief that the Universe will surely grant our wish is what truly makes manifesting a successful process.


Always remember you will receive what you put out in the Universe. In other words, what you sow is what you reap. If you have planted a Mango tree, you will receive Mangoes for sure however if you have sown a cactus plant you cannot expect to get mangoes, all you will get are thorns. Be careful about your speech and emotions because what you give out in your energy, thoughts and action are all that will come back to you.


Gratitude is known to be one of the most powerful emotions which are known to evoke amazing grace from the Universe. It not only attracts more of whatever you are grateful for but also opens channels for other forms of abundance to be received. So, whenever you receive anything from the Universe, be thankful and receive it with grace.


Once you know your goal, let the intention go out to the Universe and then patiently wait for the results to be manifested at the right time. The key here is to send out your request to the Universe, knowing you will receive a response.

Once you have these 6 aspects in place you can be sure that you are on the road to success in manifesting your desires.

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