How to Use Amethyst to Calm Anxiety?

Are you feeling anxious or stressed out? Everyone is experiencing it to some degree, but you can omit it from your life. Crystals help to cleanse the aura, increase the vibration, and channel the energy. But choosing the right crystal or stone is the task.

I believe stress and anxiety are part of life, so amethyst is a stone that can carry with us.  

Amethyst is a purple stone that helps individuals stay in balance and calm. That is why I considered the amethyst stone for people who frequently encounter anxiety.


To ease worries

Often gets worried before exams and important events? Amethyst stone helps you to calm your worries and provides you with stability.

To cleanse the aura

Sometimes people you interact with can construct negative energy in your aura. Amethyst is a stone for aura cleansing and will make you feel much lighter and optimistic afterwards!

To enhance sleep

Amethyst is a natural tranquillizer, so it can solve the issue of struggling to get a good sleep. Place an Amethyst stone under your pillow. You can do a meditation exercise with an Amethyst a few minutes before bedtime. Try it and share your results with me.


It is necessary to know the use of stones to perform better. Here are the two ways:

Amethyst jewelry

The standard form to use amethyst is to wear this stone in jewelry, which can be rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry. It is the best way the stone actively influences the crown and third eye chakras.


Meditating with amethyst calms down the mind quickly. Amethyst actively acts on the chakras, opening and awakening them. So, use them wisely.


  1. Shridhar shindhe

    I have anxiety and defression. Fear i want to amethyst

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Hello Sridhar ji
      Greetings. You can use Amethyst as a bracelet or else as a tumble while u meditate.

  2. Sonaliza

    Hi happy new year . Namaste .
    I need to buy amethyst crystal bracelet and larimar crystal.
    Zodiac – Aquarius

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