What is healing and its journey?

I used to write the first paragraph of an article by adding good positive words, but the case will be different in this article.

Pain, grudges, misery, some unshared cases, and traumas are part of everyone’s life. We are all gone or going through these.

Many of us find a way to heal and improve these aspects of life within time, but many people struggle when they start or try to heal. And they even don’t know the process of healing.

So here, I try to express the steps of healing and its different phases.

Conscious awareness

Many people don’t even realize that there is something wrong within, and they keep blaming the outer surrounding and people for their mood and unwanted issues.  If you are the one who gets angry on everyday issues and discussions, then it is high time for you that your body needs a change.

I can understand that it is not easy to accept this fact because it is not a sickness, but your inner self better knows the suffocation you feel.

SO, accept this fact and register it in your mind that “Something needs to change” Acceptance is the first step towards healing.


It is foremost that after identifying or accepting your inner self issues, you should convey to yourself that “I need to change myself”.

Identifying the issue is a task but working on it is the most struggling part of the healing journey. Most people keep this secondary task, they want a change in themselves, but they procrastinate and never make it a priority.

And when a simple issue arises, they start feeling suffocating and helpless.  So, making up your mind to bring a change in yourself is very hard but not impossible.


The next step is very soothing and satisfying only if you implement it.

Because of other people, you keep punishing your soul, mind and body. When you forgive someone, you forgive yourself. Let those people you have been holding for a long time. They are not worthy of your attention.


“I feel supported”. If you start feeling it, trust me, you are healing. When you start backing yourself, every action comes from your consciousness.


The stage where all chaos comes to rest. No anger, grudges, fear, stress, or anxiety. Ready to shine and live NOW. The process might be slow, but it will be worth your patience. You can achieve it. All the best.

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