Things that can worsen your anxiety

Talking about mental health now becomes foremost. The lack of knowledge and being in denial is the worst state. In a fast-moving society, the stress level also increases, which causes anxiety.

Anxiety is a reaction of your body to stress. It is a sort of nervousness about what is to come. The interview, new friends, new work, and many more things can cause anxiety.

Many of us are now familiar with the word anxiety. And we faced it too.

Anxiety feels different depending on the individual undergoing it. Feelings can differ from butterflies in your belly to a racing heart. You might sense the no command like a disconnect between your mind and body.

Symptoms of general anxiety are:

  • increased heart rate
  • rapid breathing
  • restlessness
  • trouble concentrating
  • difficulty falling asleep

But sometimes, it gets worsen, and we are unable to figure out why it is becoming disturbing. Here are the five things that can worsen your anxiety. Keep a check on it.

Skipping meals

Diet plays a vital role in our mental health and body. If the diet is not clean and consuming a lot of junk, it is alarming for you. You would feel heightened in emotions when the diet taken by you is not good and healthy.


A lot of caffeine consumption in a day causes less rest for your body. You push your body to be more productive, and then the disbalance in your work-life is created. It creates stress which converts into anxiety.

Saying yes to many things

This fact is related to psychological stress because many people face the issue of saying yes to many things. Despite time limitations, people accept more work which leads them to stress. Learn to say no and prioritize your life and family. 

Too much social media

The most criminal reason for anxiety is social media. It is one of the toxicities which we keep in our life. Sense of comparison, insecurities, and trends are the keys to stress. Today’s generation is hell addicted to it and consumes a lot of negative thoughts and vibes from the same.

Isolating yourself

Being an introvert, I can understand how difficult it is to open up in front of others, and it becomes challenging for us. It creates more stress by isolating the self. It might be uneasy, but trust me, it is worth discussing how you feel.

I hope it will help you to tackle your anxiety. Have a nice day.

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