9 Things you should say to your kids everyday

Being a teacher is my privilege to observe the students closely. It is a task I enjoy a lot. I always try to understand every student. After investing 35+ years of my life in education, I have figured out many things about kids’ psychology.

9 Things you should say to your kids every day

Parents like you always meet me in my school during PTM and ask about their kid’s performance. I always appreciate the concern of parents, but there is something which I always try to find in every parent. There are a ton of phrases that parents reprise to their kids daily. But what should parents say to their children consistently to get them through life? Apart from the appreciation of the kid’s performance, how often do the parents say these nine things to the child?

What nine things are those?  Let me tell you.

1. I love you.

Say it to them as often as you like. Love is a doorway to a kid’s heart. Soak their soul with love and pureness.

2. I like it when you…

Talk about positive aspects of their behavior. It helps them to push their limits. Sometimes, they do not want help. They only crave to hear something positive.

3. “You make me happy.”

This makes them feel valued. Whenever you say this to your kid, you will see a spark in their eyes.

4. “I’m proud of you.”

They need to hear they’re doing a good job, even when it’s hard. You are a role model for them act like the one.

5. “You are special.”

Let them know their uniqueness is a strength. Instead of indicating their weakness, tell them about their unique skills.  

6. “I trust you.”

Building a foundation of trust raises an honest person. The most important point, communicate with them. Open up for the communication and do not react early.

7. “I believe in you.”

Teach them how valuable they are. You are a superhero for your kid. If you show them a light, they will never be afraid of the darkness.

8. “I know you can do this!”

Encourage them to never give up. When you show your trust, and belief towards your kid. Believe me, your kid will be performed exceptionally good.

9. “I am grateful for you.”

Be specific, this can make their day!  If you are important to your kid then show them how grateful you are for him.

Trust me. It works like magic for every child and their parents. You would observe a change in your kid’s behavior.

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