The Power of Parental Influence: How My Dad Became My Role Model

Greetings dear community! Dr. Neeti Kaushik here, excited to share a special part of my life with you all. Today, I want to shine a spotlight on someone who has been my guiding star since day one—my Dad. His influence has shaped me in more ways than I can count. My father has been my inspiration, my pillar of strength, and above all, my first and most important role model.

Building Blocks of Character:

Growing up, my dad was my superhero. Sure, he could be strict at times, but looking back, I realize it was all to teach us important lessons about responsibility and respect. From making our beds every morning to showing up on time for family dinners, he instilled in us the values that would guide us through life’s ups and downs.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik’s Father

Leading by Example:

My dad’s way of teaching was through action, not just words. He led by example, showing us the importance of hard work and giving back to the community. He never said, “Be like me,” but his dedication inspired us to follow his lead. When he wanted us to focus on studying, he’d sit with us, reading his own books or newspapers, setting the example without saying a word. He never told us to learn swimming; he just took us to the pool and showed us how fun it could be. That’s the kind of dad he was – leading the way without saying a thing.

Balancing Rewards with Responsibility:

In our home, my dad firmly believed in the balance of rewards and responsibility. He instilled in us the idea that privileges were earned through dedicated effort. Take TV time, for example. It wasn’t just handed out freely; it was a reward for completing our chores and homework diligently. We had a set schedule: half an hour on Wednesdays and three hours for a movie on Sundays. But there was a catch –

  • We had to maintain our room neat and clean.
  • We were required to complete our homework every day.
  • We had to listen to our parents and be kind to each other.

And when it was time for that movie, it wasn’t just us kids excitedly sitting in front of the screen. Dad would join us, making it a family affair. It was like a cycle of work and reward, where the effort we put in made the enjoyment of TV time even sweeter.

Encouragement and Empowerment:

My dad was my biggest fan, always there to cheer me on no matter what dreams I chased. He believed in me more than anyone else, and his support gave me the courage to go after what I wanted, even when it felt hard. He planted the seed of ambition in me early on, calling me “Principal Beetiya” when I was just a teacher. And he wasn’t just talk – he showed me that age didn’t limit what I could achieve, topping his LLB at 50. His knowledge, from gemstones to astrology, made me feel like I could do anything.

My father used to tell me, “Neeti Beta, you will have the identity of a wife, a mother, or a daughter-in-law like any other woman in the world, but remember, you also need your identity beside them.” Whether I was hitting academic goals or taking personal leaps, his belief in me pushed me forward. When I felt unsure, his words of encouragement lifted me up, reminding me that I had what it took to chase my dreams without holding back.

Passing Down Wisdom:

Now, as a parent myself, I’m following in my father’s footsteps. Whether it’s teaching the value of discipline or demonstrating integrity and kindness through my actions, I strive to be the same guiding light for my Son, as my father was for me. Taking cues from his example, I’ve implemented similar practices in my parenting approach. For instance, during my son’s 10th grade, we introduced a no-phone rule at home, setting an example by limiting our own phone use after work. Additionally, when my son expressed his dream of becoming a pilot, aware of the challenges ahead, we wholeheartedly supported him in pursuing his aspirations, just as my father supported me in my endeavours.

As you read about my journey, pause for a moment to ponder the example you’re setting for your own kids. Are you really there for them, or are work and other stuff getting in the way? Remember, we’re the first teachers our kids ever have. Everything they learn from us—how we act, what we say—it all shapes who they become. Let’s make spending quality time with them a priority. Let’s show them what love, compassion, and dedication really look like, through our own actions. Best of luck on this incredible journey called parenting!

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  1. Veenu Chaudhary

    So true Dr. Neeti. Thank you for the lovely share. Parents’ work is never done at whatever age we are or whatever age our children are.
    We can’t tell the kids “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.” They watch and learn just as we did.
    I can’t say I was the best mom but I can definitely say that I tried my best, especially learning from my mistakes. Many a times my son was my teacher. Sometimes I have soulful conversations with him, who is now 26. Asking him if he has any complaints regarding the past or my style of parenting, his answer was that he would not have it any other way!
    I truly believe that there is an invisible umbilical cord connecting us. Even though we are in different continents, if I feel low I’ve noticed that he is also vibrationally low. Therefore, even today I keep learning, growing and doing so that he does too!

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