Why am I struggling to meditate?

Meditation is now a fashion for people. The real essence of meditation is fading. You could see a person walking with the yoga mat and telling today’s yoga day, and that person breaks the whole week into different parts like cycling day, swimming day, gym day, and cardio day.

But the facts are we all are just running from one way to another, instead of experiencing the one thing with full consciousness, chasing a cheese like a rat. If someone is doing meditation, we are also copying the same.

What is meditation?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is all about paying attention to the inner-self of who you are. It is not about closing the eye and sitting in a place for the hours. It is the whole day process, which you will get to know in the below points.

Is meditation a pain?

For some, meditation is a pain because it offers emptiness during the process, and emptiness is the ultimate poison for people’s life. No one wants emptiness in their life, and because they invite trouble meant as profession, money, education, and family into their lives act to fill the empty void in their lives.

But if you consciously become empty, that’s the nectar of your life.

Now the question is, why you are struggling to meditate?

  1. Do not have a purpose for meditation. Find the purpose!!

Instead of copying others. Try to find your purpose for doing the meditation. It is a personal entity.

  • You are not leading a life that supports the practice of meditation. Let me give you an example.

                An athlete works harder and practices for a year only to perform in a one-day tournament. So, isit mean that a year of hard work is a waste?

No, because to perform well in the tournament, the athlete needs to build a life around that environment, and the same goes with meditation. If you want a successful meditation hour, you must practice your whole day around it.

“It is not about being focused an hour in a day; it is about focusing the whole day to achieve a successful hour”. No distraction!!

  • We are only interested in a conclusion and don’t want to know a process.

We become so goal-oriented and conclude everything. We all want the fruit but don’t want to grow a tree. We are not experiencing the process. Meditation is a consequence, and people only want the conclusion, not the process.


If you want fruits and vegetables in your garden, you must think about the soil, manure, sunlight and water, and the fact is none of them looks like fruits and vegetables, but if you take care of that, fruits and vegetables are a consequence.

The same goes for meditation. If you want to be meditative, you must cultivate your body, emotions and energies. It is the process, and you must experience it.

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