Why you must heal your womb chakra

The healer, therapist, and mender Dr. Neeti Kaushik is here to present some guidance upon the visibility of chakras in life. Chakra is something that we as Indians have inherited it from the Indian Yoga system. These focal points have the capacity to convey the strengths and weaknesses we possess at different spans of our life. Though these chakras present the past and parcel of life but amidst that they can also be healed if treated properly. The ultimate balance of our life is maintained by balancing these chakras.

A vast discussion of womb chakra is taken up here, out of the seven chakras that we as human beings are indulged with. The womb chakra or the sacral chakra is a chakra that is the most essential one for our inner self. This chakra is the divine creation point within us which forms the holiest place in the body. It is highly acknowledged because somewhere or the other, this chakra connects us with the womb of our mother which forms the basic origin of us. Therefore, it is a key to most of our healings. As our origin is defined by it, the emotions attached are also specified by the womb chakra. It is also believed that this is the place where our soul energy rests. And for it to be sacred and pure, womb chakra needs to be secured and healed in all cases.

Why the womb chakra should be healed:

  • This chakra is the most important chakra amongst all, as this chakra is the resting place of our soul which inhibits the maximum energy produced in the body.
  • This chakra as it represents the womb of the mother, connects with our mother the most. Her presence, emotions and actions can be felt through this chakra.
  • It is a divine creation point for us.

What healings does womb chakra provides: 

  • It has the tendency to heal broken heartaches.
  • It helps in building the broken relationships, especially when we are connected to that person through soul.
  • The negative and karmic relationships are healed through this chakra. Negativity and karmic depth are healed through the presence of a strong womb chakra.
  • Confusion of many partners is healed by it. The confusion whether the person is right for us or not.
  • Chronic illnesses which are carried from generation to generation are also healed by this chakra.
  • The sexual harassment suffered can also be healed through this chakra.   
  • The lust energy is also converted into the positive one by the sacral chakra. 

How to heal your womb chakra:

The exercise of chanting daily with the closed eyes and in a relaxed mood needs to be done either in the morning just after waking up or while going to bed, just before the sleep. The thumb rule for this exercise is to continuously do it for 21 days. The time it takes to meditate and connect with the mother nature and heal this chakra will only take up to just 5-10 minutes daily and can provide the best benefit for life.

The exercise closely follows certain steps:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take three deep breaths
  • Then imagine the picture of your mother, as she is the one who has given you birth, and you can directly connect yourself with the womb chakra.
  • This represents surrendering as you bow down your head to her, which is a thankful act of being grateful to be born into this world through her.
  • Then saying that I forgive you and you forgave me, apologising cuts down all the pain being suffered and about to be suffered by both the people.
  • Finally, by raising the head, we pray to almighty for all that he has given to us, and to be forever grateful for all that would be inherited to us by him.
  • And then just remember the happy memories presented by your mother in your childhood for some minutes.

After following this rule for the prescribed days, there would be a clear headedness that you would administer and the things that you used to be bothered about, would be cured eventually. A small difference would be seen within the span of 7 days, but the utmost result would come up in 21 days timing. As recommended and frequently seen, breaking off the cycle of unhealed sacral chakra is very important, because then this trauma can be passed on from one generation to the next until it is properly healed.

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