New Moon Day ( Amavasya) on 23rd December 2022

The new moon is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the Sun and Earth are directly opposite each other with the Moon being in perfect alignment with the Sun. While the full moon is used for the purpose of letting go and releasing all that does not serve us, the new moon is a time for new beginnings, growth, creation, and manifestation.

The moon’s phases play a key role in the growth and accomplishment of our goals and once we understand the phases of the moon along with the kind of activities and goals that can be accomplished during the different phases, we stand to benefit by working in tandem with the laws of nature.

Remember, the full moon is associated with diminishing, reduction and letting go because from the day of the full moon the size of the moon begins to reduce. Therefore, when people want to get rid of old habits and wish to release limiting beliefs, they choose the time of the full moon to manifest such desires.

On the contrary, the new moon is associated with growth, increase, and expansion because from the day of the new moon the size of the moon continues to grow. This is the reason why people choose to begin processes of manifestation with affirmations involving expansion, increase, and growth.

Let us now go through some of the powerful rituals which have proven to be extremely beneficial in the past, leading people to happier and more fulfilling lives.


  1. Write a brief, clear and specific goal/intention and request your ancestors and the Universe to bless you with strength and support to accomplish your goal successfully.
New Moon Magic

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  • Sit in a Quiet place and introspect to find out your heart’s desire/ your true goal.
  • Light a Lamp (Diya)/Candle. Read your intention aloud in front of the light of the lamp/candle.
  • If you have bought a new crystal then you should create a synergy between yourself and the energies of the crystals by holding it close to your third eye chakra.
    • You should welcome and thank crystal for being a part of your life.
    • You can say “Dear Crystal I acknowledge that you have come to my life with a purpose and I wish to thank you for the same”.
    • State your intention to your crystal as if you are speaking to a close friend.
  • Start any one Manifestation Technique: You can choose any manifestation technique the 369, 55*5, water manifestation, pillow manifestation, or any other technique which resonates with you. (Link for 369 or 55*5 method). Ideally write your affirmation in a manner that signifies growth, expansion, and increase of some form.
  • Express gratitude towards your ancestors and the Universe for the new ideas which have come to your mind and the new journey of accomplishments you are about to embark upon.

Having stated the beneficial rituals let me also warn you about the things you should NEVER do during a new moon phase.


  • Never try to let go or Quit during the new moon time. Please wait for the Full Moon for manifestations related to letting go or releasing (Full Moon Video Link:
  • Never miss a new opportunity during this time. Be it a phone call, a new meeting, or a new proposition that needs your attention, make sure you at least listen to it once before you can decide to take up the new opportunity or let it go because more often than not these times bring new opportunities.
  • Avoid meeting people who agitate you and cause an emotional drain in your life. While each one of us has some people in our life who are known to be energy suckers and we cannot cut off from them; the least we can do is avoid associating with them during the new moon time.

Once you take into account the above precautions and the rituals which need to be performed you will experience a new surge of energy within you which will help propel you towards success and the manifestation of your desires.

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