The word “Chakra” means a circle or wheel – spinning wheels of energy within our subtle body. Chakras should ideally be visualized as energy centers, which regulate and disperse life force or spiritual energy in our entire physical body. Chakras are not physical organs; they are invisible energy centers that are a part of the energy body (Subtle Body) and are responsible for the balanced functioning of the physiological and psychological aspects of our lives.

There are 7 main chakras and a total of 114 chakras in our body and they impact different aspects of our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional lives. They are also responsible for the smooth functioning of our vital organs, endocrine glands, our senses, and thus, our overall well-being.


Let us briefly understand the main characteristics and functions of the 7 main chakras:

1. Root Chakra: (1st Chakra: Muladhara): 

The Root Chakra is the root or base of our entire energy system and is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra when balanced gives us a sense of stability and well-being however when this particular chakra gets imbalanced it instills a sense of fear and instability in us.

2. Sacral Chakra: (2nd Chakra: Swadhishthana):

The Sacral Chakra is located behind the gentiles and is responsible for our Creativity. When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, we experience high levels of creativity and engage in activities that enhance our creative abilities. However, when the chakra is imbalanced, we find ourselves drawn towards an obsession with sexual activities and would not be able to concentrate on any creative tasks.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: (3rd Chakra: Manipura):

The Solar plexus chakra is located in the Navel region and is responsible for 4 of our key emotions and is linked with our digestive fire. When the solar plexus is balanced, we experience joy and generosity while an imbalance leads to feelings of jealousy and greed, and under-confidence.

4. Heart Chakra: (4th Chakra: Anahata):

The Heart chakra is located at the center of the chest and is responsible for emotions of love, fearlessness, hatred, and fearfulness. When the chakra is functioning at its optimum, we experience the free exchange of love and are not afraid of anyone or anything. However, when this very same chakra is blocked or inactive, we tend to develop fear and struggle to generate a feeling of affection and trust for anyone around us.

5. Throat Chakra: (5th Chakra: Vishuddhi):

As the name suggests, the throat chakra is located in the throat region and is responsible for our emotions related to grief and thankfulness. As most of us would have noticed, whenever we experience extreme sadness and are crying, we experience a choking sensation in our throats. Similarly, when we are extremely thankful and are experiencing a feeling of gratitude, we tend to feel a choking sensation in our throats. The throat chakra is representative of the expression of our emotions. When functioning perfectly it enables us to express our emotions with ease ad when blocked makes it difficult for us to express our emotions.

6. Third Eye Chakra: (6th Chakra: Ajna):

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows and is known to be the seat of wisdom and awareness. This chakra is also responsible for our ability to observe our intuition and follow the divine guidance being given to us. However, when this chakra becomes imbalanced one experiences frequent bouts of anger and gets agitated even at the slightest provocation. Those who have a blocked third eye chakra will rarely be able to receive visions and intuitions promptly.

7. Crown Chakra: (7th Chakra: Sahasrara):

The Crown Chakra is located above our head and is known to be connected with universal energy. When activated in a balanced way this chakra promotes one’s spiritual journey. However, when it is not activated, one finds it difficult to relate to aspects of spirituality and struggles in his/her spiritual journey.

Having had a sneak peek into the world of Chakras – especially the 7 main energy centres in the human energy body, we can very well understand that we all are made up of energy which is spinning at different levels of vibrations within our body and in the Universe at large. In order to live our lives to the best of our ability, it is crucial for our chakras to perform at their highest level of efficiency and disperse the life force energy to all the 72000 naadis – energy lines in a smooth and consistent manner, failing which there is bound to be some form of imbalance and discontent in our lives.

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