How to forgive someone

We all have experienced being wronged by someone in a different phase of life. It could be the partner, friend or close one. Anger, hostility, or bitterness arise toward someone who breaks the trust. But holding the negative feeling for someone for a long time will not benefit you in any way.

Developing negative emotions for someone and thinking that it will impact that person is a foolish act. It is like drinking the poison by self and expecting another to die. No dear, if you are drinking the poison, you are the only one who dies.

Forgive Someone

Here are some tips on how to forgive someone

You are helping yourself.

You are helping yourself by releasing the negative emotions held for a long time. It is the misconception that not forgiving others will change or impact them. A person will not change by your act of resentment. Let it go.

Analyze the other side

Try to understand the point of view of another person. Sometimes situation plays a crucial role in someone’s act. It might be possible that the wrongdoing was not personal but because of uncontrolled circumstances.

Forgiveness is a gift.

Recall a time when you were harsh toward someone or treated them inadequately. At that time, the person forgives you. How did you feel at that time? It will help you that forgiveness is a gift. Give it to others, and you will cherish that moment.

How to forgive someone

Instead of suffering your soul, say these sentences to yourself because you are the most important person for yourself.

I am sorry because of the outside world. I made you suffer. I made you cry and weak.

I seek forgiveness for hurting you.

Thank you for staying rock solid and supporting me despite everything around me.

I love you for being the person whom I can trust.

It is your power, and you can be the hero of your life story.


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