Full Moon: Secret Tips For Abundance

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what is so special about the Full moon? Why does it attract your attention and give you a feeling of calmness? Well, you are not alone. Most poets, songwriters, lyricists, authors, novelists and people from the creative world feel a strange attraction towards the moon and have used its mysterious and mesmerizing beauty in various works of art.

The Full moon time is not only a beautiful phenomenon of nature but is also a blessing from the Universe since it allows you to let go of all that does not serve you anymore and gives you the opportunity of creating room for new blessings. So, what exactly should you do to benefit from the full moon?

Here are a few secret tips which if followed diligently, are sure to yield amazing results for you:

Secret Tips To Benefit From The Full Moon:

  1. Introspect: The first and foremost thing that each one of you should do is to introspect. Introspect and compare the disparities or mismatches between the thoughts, actions, and emotions of your inner world as compared to your outer world.
  • If you feel peace and calm within yourself but are restless in your daily activities it is time to identify the issue and reconcile the energy of your inner and outer world.
    • Similarly, suppose you feel secure and comfortable in your outer world but your inner world is full of insecurities and fear about the future. In that case, you need to reconcile the energies and create a balance.
  • Celebrate the Wins and be Grateful to the Universe: Celebrate and be grateful for all the things which are going right in your life. Even if you accomplish lesser than what you planned, don’t sit and crib about what is left undone rather, celebrate what you have accomplished and keep the momentum going in the days ahead. Even the Universe blesses those who are grateful for their existing blessings.

“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe.”

  • Identify areas you need to let go of or resolve: Sometimes it happens that we go through unpleasant relationships and incidences that leave a deep impact on our minds. While it is human and quite natural to feel hurt on being wronged by people we love or due to the circumstances we have had to face; yet, holding on to those memories, that pain, and grief can be detrimental for us.

Additionally, many of us may have been wanting to let go of that one habit which is just not letting our lives come on the perfect track, for example, we are trying to stop wasting time on social media because it leaves us with very less time for the actual important and productive work, or we have been promising ourselves that we will get regular at the gym from the 1st of Jan but years have come and gone and we have still not mustered up the will power to fulfill our promise to ourselves.

Think about it!! These undesirable habits, relationships, and memories are like thieves, robbing you of your past happiness and now robbing you of your present. Why would you let that happen?

The full moon is the perfect time to identify areas that you need to let go of or resolve. If there is a possibility of resolving misunderstandings, we should do it; if not, then we need to let go of the hurtful memories which are not serving us anymore and are only causing more harm. Last but not the least, we need to identify at least one habit which is holding us back from the life we have always desired. Although most people think that the Full Moon is more about endings, if you pause and think a little longer, you will realize it is also about new beginnings. Therefore, allow yourself some time off to relax, release all the habits and memories that are not serving you well, and absorb the moon’s energy for setting the tone of the year ahead with growth, prosperity, and fabulous health.

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