Family Trips : A must for building relationships

Family vacations have long-lasting impact on kids’ happiness. Vacations are not just happy memories in making. They are also opportunities to teach your children about the world they live in, making them acquainted with different cultures and space to explore natural beauty.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik from nittygrittywithdrneetikaushik advised parents to have frequent outing with kids and spend quality time with them to strengthen the bond between the family members.. “Whenever I relive my childhood days, I still remember those short trips to nearby hill stations along with parents and cousins. Memories of trekking, staying in tents, going to temple with my grandmother, dancing and singing with the cousins bring a smile on my face.

Introducing new ways to bring children and parents together in which family bond plays an important role. Family days, grandparent’s day, painting with mommy, Family get togethers with extended family, kind of events should be organized to foster strong relationships and bond building and teaching life skills

Here are few reasons for which we firmly believe family vacations are important:-

1. Everyone needs a break- It is one of the only ways we can escape and get away and forget about work and hectic schedule. Vacation helps us relax and forget about stress. You come back stronger and refreshed.

2. Exploration- When we travel with kids, they are exposed to new ways of life, new people and culture, which is always a good thing.

3. Reconnect- Family ties can be strengthened and relationships can be made stronger on family vacations. By doing different activities that are out of norm, going outside our comfort zone, we grow stronger naturally and as an individual and also as a family.

Vacations fuse fun and learning both. As parents, we work hard for our families. We deserve taking time away from jobs. We deserve to have fun with our family.

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