Change your negative thoughts with simple solutions and change your life for betterment.

Pancchtatva’- Let us revisit ourselves Let us revisit ourselves, our inner self. We know so much about the mechanisms functional in the outside world, let us try to know the mechanics that rules us. Human body is the most sophisticated machinery along with being both fantastic and abundant. A sheer marvel. Knowing about our basics can help us fix most of our concerns. ‘Wearer knows where the shoe pinches’ it’s you who actually knows where it hurts you the maximum. At times, feeling of sadness, hopelessness and despair is normal. It works in a cycle. It comes and it goes. When such feelings arrive we generally get overwhelmed and run for quick fix solutions without pondering on the root cause. However, it is vital to understand that what we do when we experience it makes a world of difference. Rather than reaching out for help to the external world and depend on medications this time let us revisit ourselves to heal and to boost the energy and confidence back. STOP,THINK and REFLECT! Let us learn a little more about ourselves, take small steps towards our well-being and then reach out to the external world if the need be. Remember, both our mind and body have the innate ability to heal itself. Let us remind ourselves of what we are made of-We are made of the ‘Panchtatva’- ‘Five Elements’- Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth). Let’s embrace to recharge the elements within for overcoming traces of negativity within and heal ourselves. Next time when you feel low try the following and experience the magic for yourself. Balance your 5 elements by including these magical practices in your life and reignite the force within:

1) Water: ‘Jal’ – Our body is made of 70% water. Listen to your body. It calls out for water. Heal yourself by nourishing your body with the miracles of water. Remember to it with a deep sense of gratitude.

2) Earth: ‘bhumi’- We are blessed abundantly by our mother earth. Reconnect with the soil. Walk barefoot on grass and remember to consume foods from nature’s factory and not man made factories. Fill yourself with lots of vegetables, fruits and juices.

3) Fire: ‘Agni’- the permanent source of energy. It has magical powers to heal each and every life on earth. Western countries yearn for a ‘sunny day’, we are blessed with the radiance and energy abundantly. So don’t forget to spend time in the sun.

4) Air: ‘Vayu’- break free from dark and closed rooms and the artificial air of your air conditioners. Go out in the open, get some natural light and gift your lungs a dose of fresh air. 15-20 deep breaths will have an instant calming effect.

5) Ether: ‘Aakash’ – It is the finest of all elements, it is indivisible and infinite. Ether acts as a medium through which sound (dhvani) travels. A medium through which we can communicate using sound vibrations. Start your mornings with chants, mantras, bhajans and peaceful music. It has an empowering effect. By bringing the above practices in your daily life you will be removing the imbalance within and experiencing the euphoria of balanced ‘Panchtatvas.’ Just like icing on the cake follow the following to add to your exuberance:  Remember – ‘This too shall Pass’- nothing is here to stay – stay hopeful and positive.  Gift yourself Happy Mornings- get organized and refrain from whining.  Visit Places of worship – they will refuel hope, assurance and positivity to move ahead.  Blood circulation is rejuvenating – get a body massage, spa or a head massage.  Nourish and relax and good sleep through  Listen to inspiring stories of people who have had struggles and evolved beautifully. So before you reach out to the outside world or to a bottle of pills – STOP, THINK and REFLECT and UNLOCK the potential within. Stay Happy –Stay Blessed. HEAL Yourself. HAPPY JOURNEY within.

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