Embarking on My Manifestation Journey

Hello, my dear community members. Today, I, Dr Neeti Kaushik excited to share with you another pivotal chapter of my life—my manifestation journey. While manifestation has gained immense popularity in recent times, my connection with this concept dates back to my childhood.

Early Years of Visualization

From a young age, I possessed a vivid imagination. I would often find myself daydreaming about various scenarios, envisioning what I wanted my future to look like. One significant influence on this imaginative practice was observing my father in his professional role. He served as an officer, and I would imagine myself commanding and carrying out duties like him. This imagery of authority and leadership sparked a desire within me to emulate his confident demeanour and success.

Another aspect of my childhood visualizations involved envisioning material upgrades for my family. I often pictured our modest scooter being replaced by a car, with all of us joyfully riding together on family outings. I also imagined having an abundance of clothes neatly arranged in a spacious wardrobe, symbolizing comfort and abundance.

These episodes of visualization, though playful at the time, unknowingly laid the foundation for what I now understand as the power of manifestation—turning desires into reality through focused visualization.

Introduction to Manifestation by My Father

My father played a pivotal role in introducing me to this concept of manifestation, although I didn’t fully grasp it at the time. He affectionately called me “Principal bitiya,” envisioning a future where I would hold a prestigious position as a school Principal. Even when I was just a regular teacher, his encouragement and playful nickname planted seeds of ambition in my young mind.

When I observed the Principal at my school, I paid close attention to every detail—how they communicated, how they handled administrative tasks, and how they exuded leadership qualities. I would often mimic these behaviours in my imaginative play, rehearsing scenarios where I confidently led a school community with grace and authority.

Little did I know that these childhood visualizations were laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of manifestation—the deliberate practice of envisioning and attracting desired outcomes into one’s life. 

Challenging Limiting Beliefs and Embracing Possibilities

On my path to becoming a school Principal at a young age, I encountered scepticism from those who believed I needed more teaching experience and to be older. People questioned if I was ready for such responsibilities, following traditional career norms.

Instead of accepting these doubts, I chose to challenge them. I asked myself, “Is there a rule saying I can’t pursue my dream now?” This shift in mindset empowered me to embrace possibilities and visualize myself succeeding as a principal, despite societal expectations.

Visualization became my secret weapon. I imagined myself making decisions, leading staff, and fostering a positive school environment. Each visualization boosted my confidence and helped me overcome doubts.

Manifesting Love

One of the most significant manifestations in my life unfolded through my marriage. Growing up, I saw my father’s biases and heard hurtful comments about people from the certain community. These experiences made me uneasy and inspired me to confront these prejudices.

In response to my father’s biases, I silently prayed for a life partner from that community. Years later, my prayers were answered miraculously when I met and fell in love with a man from that background. He was everything I had hoped for—a kind-hearted person, a supportive partner, and someone who accepted me completely.

For many years, there was tension in my relationship with my father, but after four years, he finally accepted my husband.

The change in my father’s attitude was nothing short of a miracle. Through this experience, I learned that manifestation isn’t just about material desires but also about shaping our reality based on our deepest intentions and beliefs. 

Personal Milestones

Manifestation has profoundly transformed my life into a journey of continuous learning and growth. Through my YouTube channel, I experienced remarkable manifestations, such as achieving the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons.

When I started my YouTube channel in 2020, I initially had 10,000 subscribers by December 2021. Within just one month, by January 23, 2022, my channel’s subscribers grew to 100,000—an incredible manifestation. Similarly, I manifested the Gold Play Button, reaching 10 million subscribers exactly on January 23, 2024, the same date I had envisioned.

In addition to YouTube milestones, manifestation has enhanced my personal growth and patience. I incorporated practices like writing money letters, abundance notes, and messages to my higher self, which have been instrumental in achieving my dreams.

This journey has empowered me to become more confident and committed to continuous self-improvement. Overall, manifestation has not only helped me achieve my dreams but has also shaped me into a more patient, confident, and growth-oriented individual dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering others on their manifestation journeys.

Sharing Knowledge with Others

Driven by my passion for sharing knowledge and helping others, I’ve leveraged YouTube as a platform to discuss manifestation, gratitude, and personal growth. Last year, I expanded my outreach by launching an immersive 11-day course—the “Manifest Abundance Challenge.” This program offers practical techniques and insights to unlock the power of manifestation, guiding participants through visualization, intention-setting, and gratitude practices. I invite all those curious about manifestation to join this transformative journey and discover how intentional living can lead to abundance and fulfilment. 

I am grateful to share this transformative experience with all of you and extend an open invitation to all who seek to embrace the limitless potential of manifestation in their lives. Let’s manifest our dreams and embark on a fulfilling journey towards abundance and self-realization, one intention at a time.


  1. Urmila Mathur

    I remain your admirer since very early days of your journey Neetiji.
    I miss out on courses & worships because of time difference in between continents & being very busy with own work but keep catching up on you tube whenever I can

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you

  2. disha yadav

    thank you mam for sharing your wonderful journey , always inspiring.
    the most beautiful thing about you is helping others to manifest their own journey, i am a part of the community group on watsapp and the way you with your team help thd community grow by answering every doubt with your heart and soul is so inspiring and beautiful.

    i have started my journey to manifest,i am blessed and so much greatful to the universe that it has helped me to select you as my mentor

    thank you very much

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      God bless you

  3. Neetu Bharti

    To join abundance manifestation challenge

  4. Anjali Pareek

    Ma’am aap dil ki bahut acchi ho,aap sab kuch share karti ho,aapne visualization ke through bahut kuch manifest Kia h Maine bhi visualization se bahut cheezein manifest ki h,mai aapka Har ek video dekhti hu aur us se bahut kuch sikhte hu,You are truly an Inspiration. Thank you, thank you thank you so much ma’am 🙏🙏aapka hamesha guidance mistake rahe,love you so much 💓 ❤️ 🙏🙏

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      God bless you

  5. Anushma Sharma

    You are miraculous for all of us. Your journey inspires us incredibly. Grateful to you🙏❤and many more congratulations.

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you

  6. Sandhya Deo

    Dear Madam
    आप अपने उसुलों की पक्की है. उसके दायरे मे आपने खुदको निखारा और फोकस किया है उसकी बहोत तारीफ है. Jabhi aapake shorts dekhti hu to aapake wo shabd Kya samajhe, all the very best ye dil ko ashwast karate hai ki hum sahi raste pe hai koi sath ho na ho.

    Thank you for sharing, give moral support through vdo. God bless you.
    I am from Maharashtra and watching your vdos since a year before

  7. Sandhya Deo

    Dear Madam
    आप अपने उसुलों की पक्की है. उसके दायरे मे आपने खुदको निखारा और फोकस किया है उसकी बहोत तारीफ है. Jabhi aapake shorts dekhti hu to aapake wo shabd Kya samajhe, all the very best ye dil ko ashwast karate hai ki hum sahi raste pe hai koi sath ho na ho.

    Thank you for sharing, give moral support through vdo. God bless you.

    1. Neeti Kaushik


  8. Madhu Otwani

    You are a sweet soul cool and inspiring….love you dii ❤️

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Love you too

  9. Sunita pun

    You have been an inspiration 😉 thank you 😀

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      thank you too

  10. Priyanka Trivedi

    Jaisee jeevan yatra …vaise hi madhur shabdo me aapne piroya bhi hai….vo kahte hai na Sanskrit me yatha drishti tatha srishti …aage ki kahani aapki muskaan kah rahi hai….

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      so sweet

  11. Shweta saxena

    I always admire u a lot,u were my principal in kr mangalam and that time also I feel that u have some aura or power of positive energy ,ur smile ur big bindi like sushma swaraj n ur crystal with positive attitude always gives me hope that one day I will also become like u ,so u r my role model.

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Dil se shukriya

  12. Alka Bharadwaj

    You are always inspiring ❤️ thank you ma’am 🎉 God bless you always 😍

    1. Neeti Kaushik


  13. Anjani Gupta

    Thankyou Mam for coming in my life,my daughter has shared your manifestation video as I was suffering from many of the health issues and professional problems,all of your videoes are amazing and motivating.Thank you again 🙏🌹

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      You are very welcome

  14. Ghulammurtaza


  15. Surekha

    Really u are a role model to all ur fan followers thank you so much mam for each and every guidance

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      Thank you too

  16. Ushashree Ramchandran kidambi

    Dear madam,
    I am impressed. I am big fan. I have crystal bracelet with me so I understand about crystal healing. It’s improving my relationship and personal growth madam , spirituality goals with affirmations, gratitude, meditation and manifestations madam. Now I am working on professional goals, wealthy and healthy goals in my life madam . It’s working and improving little by little madam . Thank you very mataji. Hare Krishna maataji.

    1. Neeti Kaushik

      God bless you

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