What is the root chakra and how to balance it?

Seven wheels of energy are known as chakras, and it starts moving from your head (crown) and travels down to the spine. Each chakra flow through the body as a form of energy. Blocking one of these chakras can cause suffering in our life.

Today, we start from the BASE OF SPINE, “Muladhara or root chakra”, as a root of the body and blockage of this chakra is a cause of your feeling depressed and anxiety.


Root chakra grounds you to stability in life and locates at the base of the spine and represents the Earth.

The root chakra is about manifesting basic needs. Meeting up these needs makes you worry less and feel safe. The root chakra is responsible for healing, connecting to your base instincts and nurturing your family members in your life. The root chakra also regulates our emotions, which makes it very important.

What does root chakra blockage?

When the chakras become blocked or imbalanced, the energy flow is said to be restricted. In root chakra, you might experience fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Blocked chakra impacts health and person in several forms:

Symptoms of Blockage.

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Weight gain or loss
  • weakened immunity
  • fatigue
  • Issues in the lower body.
  • feeling unsafe, unstable, anxious, and fearful
  • feeling ungrounded
  • erratic behavior
  • depression and lack of motivation

Rituals to balance the root chakra

Three rituals can also help balance the root chakra.

  • mudras
  • wearing or working with the color red
  • working with crystals

Mudras are subtle physical movements that can change the mood and help to increase concentration. Bhumi Sparsha, which means “touching the Earth.” You can practice it anytime you feel lost or disconnected.

The Color of the root chakra is red, wearing the shade can help to activate it. “Put on a red dress or some red lipstick, and observe how your energy changes”.

You can also use crystals.

Crystals are helpful for every chakra. It is an extra powerful tool to support the root chakra. There are many ways to use crystals, from placing them in your home or wearing them as jewelery, to meditating with them.

Garnet and hematite, Black tourmaline, Ruby and red jasper are the crystals you can go with.
For more information, I have uploaded a detailed video on the same. Please check it too.

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