What is raising your vibration means?

You are raising your vibration means working on your emotions, working on your thoughts. A smile is infectious; if you smile, another person will also pass your smile back. And vibration also works like this. Higher your vibration, the Higher the emotions.

“Everything is just a reflection of myself”.  

When you realize it, your perspective of seeing others gets changed. If you are angry, your vibration will also be the same. That’s why I said vibration means working on your emotions and thoughts.

Why do you need to raise your vibration?

Let me give you an example for a better understanding. Let’s say you are in a dark room, and the visibility is zero in that room. And after five minutes, someone opens the window to enter some light into the room. Now you can see something in that room, right? and after ten minutes, the door opens, and all the light comes into the room, now you can see everything in the room.

The same goes for the vibration. You are in the darkest place where your emotions are low, dealing with toxic relationships, holding on to the past, and are on medications.

Allow yourself to expose to the light, and bring gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, smiling, love, joy and passion to yourself. Raise your vibration.

How can you raise your vibration?

Here are a few things which will help you to raise your vibration.

Meditate: It will help you to focus on yourself. It is the best you can do for yourself. Make the connections with your mind and body.

Stay hydrated: Drink enough amount of water during the day. It helps your body to refresh and better room for your thoughts.

Start Journaling: It is the best way to clear your doubts. Journaling your day helps you for a clear vision.

Eat raw fresh foods: Eating junk food is a cause of change in your emotional behavior. It might sound like crap but at least give a try to this. I can bet you will notice the changes in your decision-making and mood.

Spend time in nature: Whenever you feel worried, anxious, or disheartened. Just walk in nature, stop the screen. It will uplift your spirit. 


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