What is maturity? Five keys to being mature

Maturity is an expression we start observing in our early 20s. Perfection sounds like a fascinating term, and it correlates with maturity. If you are mature, you are perfect.

I am not perfect, but it never means that I lack maturity. I am still learning. The different phases in life bring different situations, and situation brings the maturity. Sometimes we conquer, and sometimes we learn from it.

I am working as a principal cum director and now a budding creator.

I have a little world, and now in my 50s, I decided to reach the millions through my knowledge and content.

I have encountered a lot of phases in my life, and that’s why the advice I’m about to deliver to you will unexpectedly transform your life.

Five realizations of mine as I get mature.

1. No one is perfect and has it all together.

Throughout our life, we crave perfection. That sense of comparison is always disturbed us. I am sure; you are also comparing yourself to someone and then feel low. Trust me; you are as good as someone.

NO ONE IS PERFECT in all things.

We can’t compare Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. Both are phenomenal in their respective areas.

2. People tell you who they are. You only have to listen.

Observe the conversation, analyze it deeply, and then react to it. I used to pass the judgments in the very first place. But timely, I learned to be calm and listen to things.

You often do the same thing. Right? Have some patience in your nature. Words would be valued when it comes from a calm person.

3. The quality of your friendship becomes more important than the quantity.

A group of two people brings value to the room, and a group of ten brings bitching and politics to the room. It is like poison. If you want stability and growth in your life, observe the people around you.

Two friends are enough to talk about the future and life. No need to create an army of friends. You will realize it soon.

4. Holding on can do more damage than letting go.

Relationships, friends, and close loved ones give us the best moments of our life, but sometimes they become toxic for us. We hold the grudges and take them with us. It hurts to remember those people who are not with us. But when we keep holding those grudges, it creates more damage to us. It is better to leave the rope of toxicity.

A person who is living in the past can disturb any one’s present. Do not be the one.

5. You can’t control other people and their actions.

When someone does wrong with us, we get upset. But we forget that action of another person is their will. We can’t control it.

Trusting them is our choice but breaking that trust is their choice. So, do not blame yourself because of some other. That’s the conversation I had with myself these years. It may make sense to you

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