So, are you a healer? Here are five signs that you are

Signs you are a healer

A healer can connect with the unseen realms and the energies around us and within us. The healer uses this ability to heal others and the world.

Last year I started posting videos on social media. People appreciated my content and called me ‘A Healer.’

To be honest. I’ve never actually thought of myself as a healer. But the comments made me stop and think about my career and purpose in life. Upon deeper introspection, I thought, yes! I am a healer. And chances are you are too.

So, are you a healer? Here are five signs that you are

  • You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt. You feel EVERYTHING around you often needs time to recalibrate and re-energize your body, mind, and soul.
  • You have heard that it is soothing to be around you. If people are comfortable around you and the vibe they are getting is very positive, you are a healer. 
  • Those around you rarely get sick. Higher vibration and controlled emotions lead to a healthy life. If your surrounding people are healthy and rarely get sick, then it might be possible that your presence raises their vibration.
  • You think of solutions for others to make their lives better. You try to look at the positive side of any situation. Digging into the issue and bringing out the solution is the quality of the healer.
  • You have a strong desire to help others, even when your resources or needs are lost. You feel conscious about others and can’t be in denial. You always want the well-being of others. You never think about your benefit while helping any person.  That’s it for today. I hope you get the answer. Signs might differ, but I tried to pen down the areas.

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